Adding a Case Video Tutorials

Creating and updating your school account and communicating with your tutors

Introduction SMS

Introduction to the Student Management System. Start here and to see an over view of the system.

sign in

Learn how to sign in to your account. Once you have opened your account using the password provided, you can reset your password and upload your picture so we can better help you.

send a ticket

Learn how to send tickets through the website to communicate directly with your tutors and course administrators.


Add attachments to your tickets. This is a secure way to send patient radiographs and photographs. To add a file you must first raise a ticket.

Create a web case log

add case Add a case to your web log.
Add Implant

Add implant data to your registered case.


Adding and uploading clinical and radiographic images to your Case Album.

Options lets you add charts, case histories and much more to you cases.

Dental Charting

Maintaining your Dental Case Log essential for assessment and audit of the University and Licensing Authority.