School Objectives

1. To enhance dental clinical skills for your patients' benefit and improve the practice of implant dentistry.
2. To reduce isolation and encourage the exchange of ideas.
3. To enable part-time access to university accredited qualifications.

Corporate Structure

The City of London in a limited company established in the UK.

Why study at the City of London Dental School?

The City of London Dental School offers an extensive range of educational and training opportunities:

  • Tailored pathways through UK qualifications geared to individual student needs.
  • Smaller class sizes than the lecture-based environment of larger institutions.
  • Approachable lecturers able to give a high level of tutorial care.
  • More flexible English language support for overseas students and assistance with settling into life and study in the UK.
  • Course fees that are typically lower than those of comparable programmes at state sector institutions.

Dental Tutors

Recognised dental experts give lectures, demonstrations and surgical mentoring. These include distinguished professors, maxillo-facial consultants, oral and restorative surgeons, university lecturers, researchers and experienced dental implant practitioners. All of the regional dental tutors are experienced implant dentists and have acquired postgraduate dental qualifications.