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Clinical and theoretical training is delivered through a mix of online seminars and clinical supervision that focuses on preparing dentists to place implants safely. In addition to small group hands-on clinical training at our London clinic interns can also receive online supervision in  implant placement and restoration in their own practices. There is no absolute need to travel as remote synchronous training offers a unique online delivery platform for supervised clinical training in which implants  are placed in patients in your own surgeries. This also affords the opportunity of additional training to your dental team. Students will also be assisted in compiling a portfolio of cases they have treated as evidence of appropriate training and competency as expected by the General Dental Council.


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Following completion of your application form you will be contacted by a course advisor who will discuss your learning requirements.

Once these have been ascertained they will be able to advise you of the fee and payment plans, if necessary, and assist you in the most appropriate learning pathway for your individual circumstances.

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