Postgraduate Dental Courses in the UK and Internationally

The City of London Dental School is an independent dental school which provides online blended postgraduate dental courses and degrees from the UK. It offers an extensive range of programmes which are continually expanding and evolving through feedback from the dental profession, striking a fine balance between academic achievement and clinical training.

Programmes have been specifically designed for online delivery through our custom-made e-Learning Hub which provides an excellent mix of academic and clinical experiences. Our cloud-based courses have been designed with great care and are based on over 20 years of experience in providing the knowledge and skills essential to equip our graduates for their professional careers in this digital age.

The City of London Dental School

Our Mission

The dental school aims to provide patient centred training relevant to the entire community for the purpose of educational development and the professional enrichment of dentistry. It aspires to become a foremost independent dental school delivering accessible, quality programmes at competitive and affordable fees and to constantly strive to strengthen the curricula whilst exploring research areas and new dental technologies for the benefit of patients. The hope is that these aspirations will significantly contribute to the development of the whole dental profession.

Our Online by Design Internet Campus in the cloud offers learning without borders with an extensive range of educational and training opportunities.

  • Immediate start with no need to travel.

  • No time away from your practice as a time table can be formulated to suit your life style.

Online by Design offers more ease and flexibility for your learning:

  • Attend lectures on demand, how often and at times that suit you.

  • Regular face to face meetings with tutors along with seminars to help and support you to achieve your MSc Degree.

  • Inclusive, not exclusive, achievable entrance requirements.

  • Smaller virtual class sizes than the conventional lecture-based environment of larger institutions.

  • Approachable, experienced lecturers able to give a high level of support and guidance.

  • Multiple entry and exit points enable you to leave with a degree level University awarded Certificate or Diploma.

  • Compliant programmes, curriculum informed by current best evidence and guidelines recognised by our professional bodies.

  • Gain a globally recognised UK awarded MSc Degree.

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