MSc Courses

Advance your career to the next level with a UK MSc in the Specialist Practice of Dentistry from the University of Bolton, which is accredited by the British Government whose degrees are recognised internationally.  We offer the largest MSc programme listing, choose from over 17 titles; implant dentistry, digital dentistry, orthodontics, clear aligner therapy, endodontics, periodontology, restorative and aesthetic even a Masters in Dentistry where you get to choose the modules. These courses incorporate and expose students to the very latest digital-driven technologies and treatment modalities.

Full or  Partime MSc programmes which can be completed in as little as one year, also available at  Certificate and Diploma level 7. Blending learning with  80% online content supported by face to face teaching minimising lost practice time maximising learning. Teaching delivered by top experts from the UK and internationally.  Mentorships and supervised training available in the UK and UAE.

Multi-modular courses delivered in London and normally required for 6 days a year in 2-day blocks. Tuition fees calculated on an individual basis following an online discussion to determine your best entry-level and ideal study plan.

Through a combination of academic rigor and experience, The City of London Dental School has developed a flexible and innovative approach to education specifically tailored for in-service dental professionals. As a professionally-focused educational institution, the school appreciates the time pressures, financial commitments and clinical responsibilities unique to dental care professionals.

There are numerous benefits to this programme, including;

  • Study online for an MSc in specialist practice and gain a degree from the University of Bolton, which is accredited by the British Government whose degrees are recognised internationally. 
  • Graduate in as little as One Year.
  • Take as little as 18 days out of practice over the entire programme
  • The ability to work and study at the same time
  • Blended learning delivers a mix of taught and on-demand online material, allowing for study anytime, anyplace, at your own speed, without disrupting work or family life.
  • All learning material is available online
  • Online tutorials and faculty so you can discuss material, ask questions, or get help as needed.
  • Face to face teaching delivered from modern advanced facilities at our London and international campuses 
  • Learning in a collaborative, global environment.
  • Over 17 MSc topics to choose from, covering an extensive range of specialties with a specific focus on advanced dental technologies and digital dentistry
  • Additional clinical training options and support from our consortium partners comprising comprised  of recognised leaders in independent postgraduate education

Course Fees

The course fee is variable depending on your point of entry into the programme and the number of modules required.

Fee per module is normally £3,333.00

Fee for the MSc (Clin) can range between £29,000 to £16,000 depending on point of entry and duration of the programme between 1 to 3 years.

Please apply for a definitive cost.

Scholarships or bursaries are not available. 

Please note that these degrees will not permit you to reside and work in the UK or register you with the GDC.

If you are intending to use these degrees as qualifications in your own countries you will need to confirm their status with your own registering of licensing bodies the school is unable to provide advice or assistance regarding these matters.

Extensive Range Of Programmes

The School offers a wide range of subjects and flexible study options, part and full that offer access to different years depending on previous post-graduate experience. 

  • Programme Titles

    MSc Clinical Dentistry

    MSc Specialist Practice of Dento-Facial Orthodontics               

    MSc Specialist Practice of Periodontal Therapy

    MSc Specialist Practice of Pulpal Therapy and Endodontics

    MSc Specialist Practice of Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry and Periodontology    

    MSc Specialist Practice of Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry

Programme Titles

(Programmes Under Development)

MSc Specialist Practice of Clinical Aesthetic Non-surgical Interventions

MSc Specialist Practice of Computer-Guided Implant Dentistry           

MSc Specialist Practice of Restorative Implant Dentistry

MSc Specialist Practice of Clear Aligner Orthodontics

MSc Specialist Practice of Dento-Alveolar Surgery    

MSc in the Specialist Practice of Clear Aligner Orthodontics

MSc in the Specialist Practice of Digitally Dentistry                         

MSc in Dental Sleep Medicine

MSc in the Combined Specialist Practice of Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry and Endodontology

MSc in the Combined Specialist Practice of Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology    

MSc in the Combined Specialist Practice of Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics

MSc in the Combined Specialist Practice of Restorative Dentistry and Clinical Aesthetic Non-Surgical Interventions     

Learning and Teaching Strategy

All programmes are based on a  common modular format that can be taken over one to three years, full or part-time. Students can exit the programme at various stages with a postgraduate certificate, diploma or MCs in their chosen field of dentistry.

Teaching is delivered using a blended learning approach requiring participation in online lectures and webinars combined with face to face teaching over several days. Students will receive tutor support and supervision on an individual basis helping and guiding them through their modules. 

Course Intake

Academic year intake is three times a year and corresponds to the programme modules usually run in October, January, and May.  

Admissions criteria

Entrants must satisfy the following entry requirements: 

  • Normally at least two years’ demonstrable postgraduate clinical experience in clinical practice as a qualified dental practitioner
  • Current registration with the UK General Dental Council (GDC) or equivalent in another country
  • Evidence of appropriate professional liability insurance/Medico-legal indemnity insurance as may be required for the designated clinical setting at an appropriate level
  • Access to clinical practice setting that gives sufficient exposure to the relevant area of clinical specialism