Asia Pacific Continuing Orthodontic Practitioners Study Club (COPS) Programme

The City of London Dental School (CoLDS) in association with the Orthosociety’s Course and Training Academy (OCTA) is offering  a comprehensive Continuing Orthodontic Practitioners Studyclub (COPS) to accommodate Dentists need in Orthodontic training and education.

This Studyclub can be an alternative for Dentists who has limited time to leave their busy practice, but still want to get effective and efficient learning in Orthodontics.

The Studyclub programme consists of 6sessions and 12 modules theory and hands on. Dentists in certain countries can also have opportunities to attend the mentored clinical session at Orthosociety’s lecture centre or even mentored at their own offices.

After completion of 2 years courses with all the exams and assignments, Dentists can submit to get Diploma in Orthodontics from The City London Dental School. 


1. The Doctors will be able to properly diagnose, do case analysis and treat orthodontic malocclusions using a logical three step principle sequence:

  • Removal of any functional and habitual problems and any dental interferes such as cross bites, digit sucking, constricted airways, tongue thrusts, tooth decay, abnormal chewing etc
  • Arch development to create space for the alignment of the teeth
  • Orthodontics using the most modern appliances (brackets, aligners, arch wires with conventional or digital setups) and techniques currently available

2. The Doctors will be able to diagnose and treat temporomandibular joint disorders, para functional grinding habits and sleep apnoea/snoring problems

3. The Doctors will be able to develop effective and efficient treatment plans which recognise patient influences and expectations, incorporate appropriate levels of patient education, and inform patients of the relevant risks and benefits of treatment; and communicate these effectively and sensitively to the patient

4. The Doctors will be able to prepare and do referral correctly to any Specialists that needed.

5. The Doctors will recognise the importance of clinical governance, patient and staff health and safety and the skills necessary to support a team for delivery of care, and apply this knowledge in clinical practice