Blended Clinical Implant Training

3d plan

A flexible approach to Implant Training that delivers everything needed to enable you to start placing and restoring dental implants safely and competently to recognised GDC standards. Emphasis is given to guided implant placement techniques and treatment planning to increase predictability and patient safety. This course is also your entry to an MSc in Dentistry.

A blended hands-on clinical internship that teaches guided dental implant placement techniques on supervised patients. It allows you to place and follow your own provided implant cases, ( 5 implants cases provided) from treatment planning, surgical placement to final restoration. Clinical training will be supported by on-demand on-line lectures and tutorials to fit your schedule blending theory with clinical training.

Programmes starts on 1st March 2019

Call 0207 232 5270 or registered for Blended Implant Training to find out more.

Axis software

Click to download free implant planning software ( no hidden costs or restrictions)

This is the first course designed to teach Implantology at the very start from a digital perspective rather than teaching a conventional analogue approach.

A big barrier to dentists interested to start implant dentistry is lack of confidence and justifiable fear of causing harm to vital anatomical structures. This new course in Computer Guided Implantology means that even the novice can safely and predictably place implants. In the same way that clear aligner orthodontics makes it possible for GPs to benefit from expert preplanning and predictability, implants can be inserted and planned in much the same way.

Course Overview

From the beginning, you will learn about the very latest digital capturing technology from optical intra and extraoral scanners to CBCT. The course will then show you how this data can be manipulated and combined to allow you to not only assess the case but also plant it from ideal implant size selection and 3D positioning to actual implant placement.


Congenitally missing teeth with very little space for implants

A difficult case even for the experienced implantologist made easy and predicable.


Computer designed drill guide ensures optimal safe placement of implant of the correct size. Controlled 3D placement of the preselected implant.

Drill guidance

Precision control all the way no free-hand drilling eliminating damage to the adjacent tooth roots.

Final placement

Radiograph confirms optimal positioning and placement of an implant in a very challenging case. Computer aided implant case planning and guidance ensures results and patient safety.


Course Progression

You can choose how quickly and far you want to be trained and remain within your scope of competency and comfort zone.

Actual Clinical Training

You will receive clinical training involving actual patients. Participants may bring their own patients for assessment and planning.

Attendance and Study Mode

Much of the course will be delivered online as it entails computer training on various software and image manipulation some of which will be on a one to one basis as you plan actual cases.  Timing is usually arranged at weekends so as to minimally impact of your practice times. There will be a number of clinical sessions over the year to facilitate small group training.

Course Fee £5,250

The fee includes free software, planning, and guides for your first case together with loan kit and free implant.