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Advance your career to the next level with a UK MSc Degree in the Specialist Practice of Dentistry from the University of Bolton, which is accredited by the British Government whose degrees are recognised internationally. We offer the largest MSc Degree course listings which enable you to choose from implant dentistry, digital dentistry, orthodontics, clear aligner therapy, endodontics, periodontology, restorative and aesthetic even a Masters in Dentistry where you get to choose the modules. These courses incorporate and expose students to the very latest digital-driven technologies and treatment modalities.

Full or Part-time MSc Degree programmes which can be completed in as little as one year, also available at Certificate and Diploma level 7. Blending learning with 80% online content supported by face to face teaching minimising lost practice time maximising learning. Teaching delivered by top experts from the UK and internationally. Mentorships and supervised training available in the UK and UAE.

Multi-modular courses delivered in London and normally required for 6 days a year in 2-day blocks. Tuition fees calculated on an individual basis following an online discussion to determine your best entry-level and ideal study plan.

Through a combination of academic rigor and experience, The City of London Dental School has developed a flexible and innovative approach to education specifically tailored for in-service dental professionals. As a professionally-focused educational institution, the school appreciates the time pressures, financial commitments and clinical responsibilities unique to dental care professionals.

Key Features

  • Flexible study modules make up a blended part time MSc Degree course from face to face and online learning.
  • Build your very own MSc Degree with our Clinical Dentistry option, which allows you to choose from our extensive range of modules to design a bespoke course.
  • Study from work, home or whilst travelling, all programmes are delivered predominantly online, giving you the flexibility to fit your studies around your practice and home life.
  • Face to face teaching delivered from modern advanced facilities at our London campus.
  • The only validated Masters level courses, delivered by an internationally established independent Dental School and UK University.
  • Adjunctive programmes, supplemental formative courses which support your compulsory modules and deliver live regular interactive meetings and seminars.
  • An academic coach for each module who will be providing regular online tutorials to support your learning and guide you through the course modules on a one to one basis. The coaches are there to help you as needed to ensure you success.
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