Professor Chitta  Ranjan Chowdhury Academic Dean  

PhD (Japan), MPH (UK), FFDRCS (RCS Ireland),  FRSH (UK), BDS (DU), DND (DU)

Professor Chitta  Chowdhury is appointed as Academic Dean and Dissertation Lead at the City of London Dental School of the University of Bolton, UK.  He is responsible to oversee and assess the academic activities, such as,  courses for qualifications, extramural services  and research projects at home and abroad. The role will comply with the rules and regulation of the University of Bolton City of London Dental School. He is involved in proposing   the strategic policy for research and education to the dean of the City of London Dental School, and the dean of the school is to review and implement the innovative programmes of the school.      

Professor Chowdhury’s specific role is the tutorial support for the postgraduate degree courses as module director for the URECA module. He is also be opted to teach the modules for Oral Surgical Sciences.

During 2002 and 2007 Dr. Chowdhury was working as Research Professor at Poole Hospital NHS at MaxFac Department and Bournemouth University PG Medical Centre of School of Health, Dorset, UK. He was the founding chairman of the Department of Oral Biology and Genomic studies of the Nitte University Dental College (ABSMIDS) Mangalore, India and continued  the position    from  1998 to 2021  after  returning back  from Japan (1987-96) as visiting Professor. In 2010, he resumed the role by dividing his time between the UK and India to run several projects for PhD researches and educational development and continued until April 2019.   He is a consulting Chief of PhD and International fellowship programme of Oral & Head Neck Cancer at Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute under Calcutta University, India.   He initiated Global University Alliance for under-served education. Currently he is president of the Indian Academy of Oral Biology and past-president of the UK Institute of Health Promotion and Education (IHPE). Dr Chowdhury is a visiting professor at Osaka Dental University. He is also a consultant to the Global Child Dental Health at Kings College London and the NICE stakeholder. He was enlisted as oral surgeon in GDC and an examiner of RCSEng. He won a number of grants of SIDA, JSPS etc. Professor Chowdhury has published six books including, “Handbook of Oral Cancer Screening and Education which is recommended by the British Dental Journal.’’