Dr. Steffen Decker
Dr. Steffen Decker

Specialist Orthodontist BDS, MAS in Lingual Orthodontics, Program Director MSc in Dento-facial Orthodontics and Aligner Orthodontics.

He is well trained in interceptive early treatment starting at the age of 7 as well as teenagers and adults.
From classical functional devices like twin block to more modern approaches like Invisalign or fixed options like metal/ceramic braces - he is able to choose the best solution for each patient.
His passion for invisible treatment options like Invisalign and lingual braces and his expertise is unrivalled. In 2017 he was awarded world number 1 lingual Incognito Provider.
Dr Steffen Decker is one of the worlds leading lingual orthodontists.  He has treated over 1000 lingual orthodontic patients and was a member of the global advisory board for 3M and their clinical advisor for Western Europe. He is the director of the MSc (Clin) in the Specialist Practice of Dento-Facial Orthodontics at the City of London Dental School.
Further Dr. Decker is a well experienced Invisalign provider and is undertaking a Master in Aligner Therapy at the moment. His focus is especially invisalign first for kids under 10 years  and Invisalign Teen.
Dr. Steffen only uses the most advanced technology and techniques to deliver the highest quality of care for his patients.