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Orthosociety has a mission to provide information, knowledge and increased expertise in the field of orthodontics by providing sharing and discussion groups, seminars, workshops and continuing courses for every dentist globally. The programme consists of sessions and modules in both theory and hands on.

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Course Outline

Continuing Clinical Orthodontic Programme

The City of London Dental School in association with the Orthosociety's Course and Training Academy (OCTACADEMY) is offering a comprehensive Continuing Clinical Orthodontic Program (CCOP) to accommodate dentists' needs in orthodontic training and education.
This programme can be an alternative for dentists who have limited time to leave their busy practices, but still want to get effective and efficient learning in orthodontics.
The programme consists of 12 modules in both theory and practice. The length of study time can range from 12 to 18 months, depending on the schedule set by our representative offices in each country. The modules can be done by face to face onsite lectures if available in your country otherwise online, making it flexible and less time consuming.
There are some however requirements that you must meet during the learning programme. These requirements that must be met are not to burden you but to make you better understand the material provided, and to enhance your skills in the field of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics. Dentists also have opportunities to attend the mentored clinical session at Orthosociety's lecture centre or even mentored at their own offices if available in their country.

Advanced Clear Aligner and Digital Orthodontic Programme

The programme is designed to develop good quality services in clear aligner therapy so that dentists will practice based on sound scientific evidence and fundamental skills in clinical treatment methods.  Octacademys Postgraduate Diploma certification will make you able to expand your career and enhance your professional profile. After joining the programmme, dentists are trained to be able to:

  • Diagnose anomalies of the dentition and facial structures

  • Detect deviation from normal development of the dentition and facial structures

  • Comprehend the physiological basis and limitations of orthodontic treatment

  • Assess, diagnose and create a proper treatment plan for clear aligner therapy

  • Understand the biomechanical principles of tooth movement

  • Be able to interpret digital imagery in orthodontic alignment

  • Understand the procedure, treatment process and material used in clear aligner

  • Understand how to combine treatments between clear aligner and the other orthodontic appliances

  • Know how to manage troubleshooting in clear aligner therapies

Comprehensive Training in Implant Dentistry

The learning concept is designed in such a way that dentists who participate in this programme can learn and gain knowledge without sacrificing their valuable time.
You can continue to work at your practice, spend time with your family and do your business as usual with our teaching and learning methods. You'll advance your career level and receive a UK certification awarded by The City of London Dental School.

Programme Director and Tutors

Ari Harsoputranto, DDS

Dr Ari Harsoputranto is the initiator of the Orthosociety which is the orthodontic practitioner community .  He and his fellow specialist dentists in Asia Pacific have also initiated a federation called the International Orthodontic Practitioners Federation (IOPF). With his experience in organising courses in Australia, Malaysia and some other Asian countries, he has developed post graduate education programmes for dentists in the fields of Fixed Orthodontics, Clear Aligners, Implantology and Aesthetics. These programmes are all supported by a tutoring team of highly qualified specialists.

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