Blended Clinical Implant Training (Nigeria)

Much of the postgraduate dental implant training available in Nigeria is organised and run by dental companies that are mostly interested in marketing their products or by individuals trained by the companies. The aim of this independent training programme is to equip the dentist interested in implant dentistry with the knowledge and basic skills they need to place and restore most brands of dental implants to the standard expected of their colleagues in developed countries. It will provide a sound scientific grounding and clinical training in implant dentistry, develop graduates who are confident in incorporating dental implant supported prostheses into general dental practice and also to teach students how to place and restore dental implants from single teeth to full arch cases.

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Course Outline

Course Structure

The Certificate Course in Dental Implantology is offered by The City of London Dental School which is a postgraduate university offering Certificate, Diploma and MSc Degree courses in various fields of Dentistry. The majority of the instruction will be delivered online in four modules. This will be supplemented by face to face workshops delivered by Dr. Irene Amrore, which will take place twice in the certificate year at two locations in Nigeria, Abuja, and Lagos.

Clinical Training

Integral to the course is its practical component focusing on the surgical and prosthetic aspects of implant dentistry. This one-year part-time course is designed mainly for general dental practitioners and specialist dentists who are interested in the field of dental implantology. The course can be extended into a second year for those who want to be mentored in completing 3 clinical cases, to be presented for assessment, meaning in which case they would obtain a Diploma in Implant Dentistry from The City of London Dental School.

Course Fees

Certificate Year: £2000 Diploma Year: £2000
Fee includes three implant cases treated under supervision.

Course Director

Dr Irene Amrore

Dr. Irene Amore runs two dental practices in England with most of her work being in the field of implant dentistry. She obtained a Masters Degree in the field of implant dentistry in the year 2012 from the University of Warwick UK, and also obtained a 2 year postgraduate Diploma Degree in Medical Education from the University of Cardiff UK in 2016.
She is an active committee member of the Association of Dental Implantology in UK, being responsible for organising the study clubs for members of the association based in the East of England. She has full membership of the Royal College of Surgeons, England based on her qualifications in the field of implant dentistry. She currently mentors dentists in the field of implant dentistry both in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

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