Clear Aligner Therapy (Advanced)

The Advanced Diploma in Clear Aligner Therapy is the next logical step in your professional development in the field of Clear Aligner Orthodontics expanding existing skills and is the pathway to an MSc in Clear Aligner Orthdontics. It will develop your competencies and orthodontic practice to a higher level opening more treatment possibilities for you and your patients.

This master course will teach you advanced biomechanics, cephalometric and soft tissue analysis, function, and occlusion. You will develop an in-depth understanding of how to use aligners as a powerful tool to improve treatment outcomes in all aspects of orthodontic and general dental practice, encompassing not only the aesthetic, periodontal and restorative care but also the function and occlusion. Also, you will learn how to use the Smile Architect software and all its tools for planning multidisciplinary cases.

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Course Outline

Advanced Objectives

  • Ensure the safe and effective management of your ClinChecks to deliver predictable clinical outcomes based on sound biomechanical principles.

  • Enhance the development of independent and creative thinking, and problem-solving skills and the ability to implement this in your ClinCheck.

  • Enhance the planning in a digital workflow with Smile Architect and Smile Design. How these features help the diagnosis process and patient communication.

  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret scientific papers in a critical way on biomechanics and aligner therapy.

Course Structure

The programme is delivered through a dynamic combination of face-to-face teaching blocks at the University of Bolton supported by online workshops and prerecorded webinars. The online workshops are supported by prerecorded webinars which are watched before the workshops. This approach maximizes learning potential and minimises travel and time out of practice.

The Diploma Comprises of Eleven Sections

  • Cephalometrics and diagnosis. Soft tissue assessment.

  • Clincheck software and 3D control

  • CBCT and integration with the Clincheck

  • Occlusal Diagnosis and Analysis

  • Biomechanics and Aligner Predictability

  • Arch length discrepancies

  • Transverse Discrepancies

  • Vertical Discrepancies

  • Anterior-Posterior Discrepancies

  • Smile Architect, Multidisciplinary cases and Smile design

  • Finishing cases

Includes Five Workshops

  • Live Online workshop Arch length Discrepancies and Transversal Problems.
    Dr Montse Galiano and Dr Raman Aulakh

  • Live Online workshop Vertical Discrepancies.
    Dr Montse Galiano and Dr Raman Aulakh

  • Live Online Workshop Class II Discrepancies.
    Dr Montse Galiano and Dr Raman Aulakh

  • Live Online workshop. Class III Discrepancies and Extractions.
    Dr Montse Galiano and Dr Raman Aulakh

  • Live Online workshop. Finishing cases and Periodontal cases.
    Dr Montse Galiano and Dr Raman Aulakh

Programme Leaders

Dr Montse Galiano is the Director of the MSc Advanced Diploma at the University of Bolton. Montse is an orthodontic specialist and part of the world's leading Invisalign Specialists, lecturing worldwide on these treatment modalities. An exceptional orthodontist with an extensive 25 years of progressive experience in Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. She attained her master's degree in Orthodontics CEAC in Sitges (Barcelona). Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry in Autran Academy in Barcelona.

She is an international speaker and Clinical Advisor for Invisalign treatments, with over 1000 Clinchecks and treatment plans reviewed per year in the UK and Spain.  In 2007 she became an Invisalign Provider at their first promotion in Madrid (Spain). She was awarded Best Orthodontics: Clear Aligners in the Dentistry Clinical Case 2022 Awards.

She has lectured for various companies such as Voco and Aligner Dental Academy (supporting Align).


Dr. Luis Ilzarbe  got his master's degree in periodontology (under Doctor Caffesse three three-year programme) in CG Formación Continuada, Elche, Spain. He obtained his Diploma in Implantology at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France. Since 2012 Luis has focused his training and practice on aesthetics and minimally invasive prostheses with well-known doctors such as Hirata, Fahl, Kina, Escopin, Kano, Autran, Cofar, Berbis, Stumpf and others improving his skills in direct and indirect restorations, smile design protocols and all digital workflows.

Luis is a part-time professor at the Catholic University of Valencia, Spain, as an associate in the prosthetic department. He is the director of the master's degree in adhesive aesthetic dentistry at Tech University, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. He also leads on various research projects which has resulted in several articles in PubMed and became a KOL of companies like Graphenano Dental.

He has extensive experience, lecturing for different companies (Straumman, 3shape, DentsplySirona and Aligntech) about Digital and Minimally Invasive Dentistry.

He became an Invisalign Go Provider at the first promotion in 2020 in Madrid (Spain).


Dr. Raman Aulakh is the CEO of Aligner Dental Academy and orthodontic specialist and is part of the world's leading Invisalign Specialists, lecturing worldwide on these treatment modalities. He attained Diamond Apex Invisalign Provider status, which means he is in the TOP 1% of Invisalign providers and one of the highest-achieving doctors in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with the Invisalign System. He was trained in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and at the Koiscenter & Spears in the US, which are the only continuing education programmes in the US conducting and publishing independent research.

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