This course provides everything the GDC requires of you in order to practise implant dentistry and be compliant with current GDC standards of patient care. The GDC expects and the defence organisations require that dentists placing or restoring implants should be able to demonstrate they have received both teaching and have been formally assessed  and received supervise clinical training by a competent and experienced individual.

The Maxi-Implant Training course delivers these requirements and consists of:

1. Post Graduate Award in Implant Dentistry (PGA Imp)

The PGA course follows the General Dental Council’s Training Standards in Implant Dentistry that require dental surgeons providing implant treatment to be trained in diagnosis, and treatment planning . This year course blends theory with clinical participation and comprises of ten taught days, each of which is based on a specific theme that underpins the safe practice of implant dentistry.

2. Clinical  Internship 

Participants in this unique hands-on teaching programme will learn dental implant placement techniques on patients and placement guidelines will be put into actual practice.  This new approach to  mentored clinical training has been developed by The City of London Dental School and permits the dentist to follow the implant case from treatment planning from surgical placement to final restoration. A short one shot programme offering only limited exposure to the surgical phase of implant treatment is insufficient to acquire  all the competencies  dentists   need for implant treatment and satisfy GDC training guide lines.



Ultimate training package everything you need to get started safely in implant dentistry

This is the ultimate package combining both the PGA and Internship (Flexi course) as well as a full implant kit.



Kit includes an implant motor (normally £2999.00) and all equipment needed to install an implant.