Integrated Implant Training

The City of London Dental School introduces Integrated Implant Training a new concept that offers a variety of implant training options providing everything needed to be able to start placing and restoring dental implants safely and competently to recognised standards.

Integrated Implant Training delivers through various options differing levels of training and clinical exposure depending on experience and tailored to personal requirements. You assemble the implant training pathway that suites you and your practice style. The City of London Dental School helps you meet GDC standards through short training programmes to Diploma and MSc level. The choice is yours.

GDC Implant Training Regulations

The GDC and the defence organisations expects that dentists placing or restoring implants should be able to demonstrate they have received both teaching and  assessed supervise clinical training by a competent and experienced individual.

Before undertaking implant treatment, a dentist must meet The General Dental Councils Standards for Dental Professionals, in particular section 5, which stresses the need to provide a good standard of care based on available up-to-date evidence and reliable guidance.

The clinician must take an evidence-informed and patient-centred approach to their choice of techniques and materials, and be satisfied that the manufacturer of materials is sufficiently stable and of adequate stature to be able to provide component parts for the foreseeable future. The clinician should also take responsibility for assessing the effects any implant feature may have on the surrounding tissues.

Training Whats Needed

Personal Training Pathway

Integrated Implant Training offers four training options which can be taken individualy or combined as an all inclusive package.

Option 1 - Clinical Implant Internship

Participants in this unique hands-on clinical internship, of between 1 to 2 years duration  will learn dental implant placement techniques on actual patients and placement guidelines will be put into clinical practice. This new approach to  mentored clinical training has been developed by The City of London Dental School and permits the dentist to follow the implant case from treatment planning, surgical placement to final restoration. Short one shot programmes can provide only limited exposure to the surgical phase of implant treatment which is insufficient to be able to acquire  all the competencies  dentists  need for implant treatment and satisfy GDC training guide lines.

Option 2 - Post Graduate Award (PGA) in Implant Dentistry

The PGA in Implant Dentistry is a lecture based only programme for Dental Surgeons who would like to receive credit for their training. The (PGA) in Implant Dentistry is an excellent adjunct for those dentists who already have clinical experience providing the academic component of your training. The course follows the General Dental Councils Training Standards in Implant Dentistry that require dental surgeons providing implant treatment to be trained in diagnosis, and treatment planning. This year course blends theory with clinical participation and comprises of ten taught days, each of which is based on a specific theme that underpins the safe practice of implant dentistry.

Option 3 - Flexible Implant Training (FlexiCourse)

The Flexi-Implant course combines both options 1 & 2 and delivers all the training required by the GDC to be able to demonstrated appropriate training in implant dentistry. Your training with us will also count towards an MSc in Implant Dentistry and you will receive a 20% discount for taking the combined training package.

Option 4 - Maximum Implant Training (MaxiCourse)

The MaxiCourse is a total package that combines option 3 with a full implant kit providing everything required to kick start your implant practice. This course combines the theoretical and clinical components of implantology with system specific requirements to deliver the total implant training and be compliant with training standards.

Option Combinations and Costs


PGA Implant Dentistry

(Theory Only)

The Post Graduate Award (PGA) teaches the theory of modern Implant Dentistry and covers the Implant Curriculum required by the GDC


Clinical Internship

(Clinical Training Only)

Mentored training will take place at the Sterling Dental College.


Level 1: (5 Standard cases) - This course provides 5 cases not entailing larger Grafts or Sinus Augmentations. 

Level 2: (5 Advanced) - These 5 cases require grafts and or multiple implants.

Both courses  meet the Clinical Training requirements set by the GDC


(Each Part)

Part 1 is a mandatory requirement before progressing to Part 2, unless you already have a portfolio of cases that meets GDC guidelines.

For Part 2 mentored training students can provide their own cases. Each case provided by the student equates to a reduction in course fee of up to a maximum 1K (5 cases in total)



(Combined Theory and Clinical Training)

This combination of the PGA and Internship provides the essential total training requirements necessary for the practice of  basic implant dentistry.


PGA £2,800 + Intership £5,500 =  usual price £8,300


(Special combined cost)


(Ultimate training package everything you need to get started safely in implant dentistry)

This is the ultimate package combining both the PGA and Internship (Flexi course) as well as a full implant kit.



(Kit includes an implant motor normally £2999.00 and all equipment needed to install an implant and 10 implants)

To help decide which best meets your training requirements please discuss this with a course advisor who will help guide you through your decision.

Please note that once you have selected your options it is still possible to upgrade but the package discounts may not be fully applicable.