Diploma in Implantology CoLDS

The City of London Dental School Diploma Implantology – delivers DHA licensing requirements. It focuses on clinical training preparing dentists to place implants safely and legally in the UAE. Starts from January 2018.

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Key Information

  • Delivers all current requirements  for Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Dental Implantology Privilege
  • CME lecture programme 2 days per month each year (200 CME) - FREE
  • Includes Full Implant Kit
  • Attendance Part time 
  • Course and training delivered by the City of London Dental School and visiting expert faculty
  • Actual implant placements on provided cases supervised by Professor Stewart Harding.
  • Clinical training and actual implant placement starts from the first year.
  • Regular monthly Surgical training facilitated at  Maktoum Bin Hamdan Dental University College
  • Part time DHA license to be able to practice at  Maktoum Bin Hamdan Dental University College
  • Earn while you learn, place implants on your own fee paying patients
  • Diploma may be taken to MSc level
  • Joint Diploma awarded  by  Maktoum Bin Hamdan Dental University College and The City of London Dental School
  • Course scheduled  flexible in order to accommodate busy practice diaries,  includes weekends

Overview of Programme

Professor Stewart Harding is the course leader and main lecturer for the UAE Diploma and will be supervising the clinical training. He is the Dean of The City of London Dental School and visiting Professor and implant consultant for SHAIKH Prof HardingMAKTOUM BIN HAMDAN DENTAL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (UAE). Hehas developed MSc programmers for two leading UK Universities and has extensive teaching experience helping many dentists towards their ultimate goal of placing implants for the benefit of their patients. He is a full time practicing implantologist in the UAE and also the inventor of the Osteo-Ti implant system and practices implant dentistry in the UAE.

This two year  part time Diploma programme in Implantology  meets all current DHA licensing requirements. It focuses on clinical training  preparing dentists to place implants safely in the UAE. Unlike many programmes an important feature of the Diploma in Implantology is the supervised clinical training in which students place implants in actual patients and compile a portfolio of cases they have treated and as required by the DHA for  a license to place implants.

Clinical training will involve cases of single and multiple implant placement and cover simple bone grafting procedures.

The Diploma programme meets all current DHA and UK  training requirements and will add a new rewarding dimension to your professional career.The objective is to provide dentists with the knowledge and clinical skills essential for the delivery of competent, high-quality dental care in accordance with regulatory standards.

Ultimately, the City of London Dental School Implant Diploma programme aims to promote an understanding of the requirements vital to the provision of ethical, predictable, and evidence-based treatment.

The only course in the UAE to meet all current DHA requirements.



What are the current Dubai Health Authority (DHA)  Dental Implantology Privilege Licensing requirements?

The following summarise DHA requirements that must be satisfied by appropriately qualified, trained and skilled DHA licensed general dentist in order to practice certain implant procedures based on additional qualification or training as follows: 

•Recognized certificate in implantology/ implant dentistry issued by a University or College accredited by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHSR) or equivalent body

•Minimum of two hundred (200) hours of continuous medical education (CME) in the same course to be completed within two (2) years

•Evidence of completion of a minimum of thirty (30) cases of various implant treatments; single and multiple on different sites of the upper and lower dental arches

What is the  course fee?

Students will be charged 50,000 UAD for 15 cases, this fee will cover clinical supervision, implants and laboratory bills. There will be an additional charge from the DHA to cover the part time license. No refunds are provided once you have been enrolled unless you fail to receive a DHA license. 

Will there be any additional tuition fee?

There  will be an additional charge 50,000 UAD for the next the 15 cases. But a case can include more than one implant. 

Can I pay in instalments?

It is possible to pay your fees in instalments but you will not be permitted to place implants until you have made your first agreed instalment and paid for your part time DHA licence.

How long do I have to finish the Diploma and cases?

The DHA require a total of 30 treated cases not 30 implants and the 200 CME must  be completed within two years and provided under the same institution. You will not be eligible  for implant privileges by DHA with less than 2 years continuous expearience and training.

How often do I need to attend?

The Diploma is taken part time and students can a attend clinics at least 2 days a month to complete their clinical cases and surgical training. It is important that clinical training is an ongoing continuous process.

Will I need to attend an interview?

Before you are accepted on to the Diploma you will need to attend a short 30 minute interview  with Dr Stewart Harding or a faculty member of the City of London Dental School to ensure you  understand the requirements of the course and your student responcilbilitise. The interview will be audio recorded and retain on you school record.

Will I be recognised as a student?

You will be registered as a student with the City of London Dental School and permitted access to the school site for management of your cases to be signed off as part of you training log. A DHA requirment is that you are able to produce a signed of log book of the cases you have treated during the two years. 

Will the Diploma  be accepted as a specialism in the UK?

Implantology is not considered a specialism

What are the entry requirements?

Applicants must have a DHA licence or eligible for a DHA licence as a General Dentist. Dental Students cannot treat patients but may attend the free CME

What implant system will be used?

The implants will be provided by Osteo-Ti a leading British implant manufacturer. Those who complete the 2 years will recieve a full implant system in recognition of their commitment and training.